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Our entertainers are the life of the party! We take pride in the performers we showcase at the STEAM Fest and we always encourage our audience to show support for them in return. Although we have a variety of entertainment from musicians, mimes, dancers, cosplayers, singers and more, our entertainment focuses more on Retro, Gothic, Grunge, Alternative and Steampunk appeal.

Entertainment gigs for the STEAM Fest are strictly voluntary gigs with the ability to gain a paid performance at future STEAM Festivals and ArtsQuest Hosted events. If this is your first year participating with us, we expect your performance to be strictly voluntary so we can see how well the audience responds. We prefer new and aspiring entertainers to help them establish recognition. STEAM Fest does not hire entertainment acts/events for our show as our mission is more about providing space, audience, and opportunity for our community based on education, creativity, and careers.

Gig Benefits

As a selected entertainer for the STEAM Fest, we are happy to offer you the following benefits:

  • Free entry tickets for your entire band/act

  • 2 Free tickets to the STEAM Mini Gala

  • Free printed materials added to Check In Table (you must provide the prints)

  • Recognition on the STEAM Fest website, social media, and newsletter

  • Free 1/4 page ad in the program guide

  • ​Ability to be added to an ArtsQuest-hosted entertainment gig

2021 Performers

Performers Application

To participate as a performer at the 2021 Steam+Fest, fill in the following form and submit.  Please be sure to include your website with samples of your performance and any photographs. 

  • If you are accepted, you have 2 days from the time you receive your acceptance letter to add us to your schedule and link back to the STEAM+Fest website and Facebook.

  • You MUST notify us in the comments if you plan to busk. Restrictions apply.

  • You MUST perform BOTH DAYS to gain the 20% discount off program advertising.

Program Guide Advertising (20% discount)
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