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Our Speakers come from different educational backgrounds, experiences, and careers. This year we're focusing on Inventions & Ideas mixed with STEAM! From Robotics and AI to Manufacturing and Design, From Science and Technology to Developments and Enhancements, we are seeking speakers who can give insight to past, present, and future STEAM changes that have made your career easier, better, faster, or more productive. 

However, the best part about STEAM Fest is that we have a variety of STEAM & Video Game topics and discussions for everyone including, but not limited to:

  • Science & Space

  • Technology, AI, & Robotics

  • Engineering & Construction

  • Art, Makers, Refurbishing

  • Architect & Design

  • Manufacturing & Production

  • Toys and Edutainment

  • ​Fashion & Jewelry

  • Video Games & Board Games

  • Video Games & CGI

  • Coding & Programming

  • Authors and Creative Writers

  • Artists and Digital Illustrators​

  • ​​Sci-Fi and Fantasy

  • ​Radio, Streaming, & Podcasting

  • Music and Movies​

  • ​Steampunk, Apocolpytic History

  • ​Cosplay and Costumers

The Benefits

As a selected entertainer for the STEAM Fest, we are happy to offer you the following benefits:

  • Free entry tickets for your entire band/act

  • 2 Free tickets to the STEAM Mini Gala

  • Free printed materials added to Check In Table (you must provide the prints)

  • Recognition on the STEAM Fest website, social media, and newsletter

  • 20% Discount on a Speaker/Information Table located upstairs loft, directly next to the Speaker Room. NO SALES!

  • 10% Discount on a Speaker/Information Table located upstairs loft, directly next to the Speaker Room. WITH SALES!

Speakers Application

To participate as a speaker at the 2021 Steam+Fest, fill in the following form and submit.  Please be sure to include your website with samples of your performance and any photographs. 

  • If you are accepted, you have 2 days from the time you receive your acceptance letter to add us to your schedule and link back to the STEAM+Fest website and Facebook.

  • All discussions must be 45 minutes minimum up 90 minutes maximum.

  • You MUST speak BOTH DAYS for booth discounts. Speaker Tables are located directly next to the Speaker Room.

  • Main speaker gets 2 FREE tickets. More than 2 people must pay for a ticket.

Discussion Type
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