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All vendors are outside unless a sponsor or staffing. We are NOT accepting food trucks or MLM vendors. Your products must fit into the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Maker category.


There is a seperate $25 Bethlehem City Business License fee application that must be submitted and paid to the City of Bethlehem in order to sell in the city.  You will receive this form along with your invoice.

Woman Painting Pottery


Artists, crafters, authors, and 80%

or more handmade items




Inventory, shelf, restocked goods, products and services


Work Desk


Schools, camps,  tutoring, museums, non-profit, and informational



What is provided with my fee?

As a participating vendor, you will get a 10x10 space for our outside Town Square patio.

Do I have to bring my own table and chairs?

Yes! We do NOT provide, table, chairs, or tents. You MUST bring your own equipment to fill a 10x10 spot.

Is there a rain date?

No. Please bring a covered canopy tent for your spot to help ward the weather or sun. In case of serious weather conditions, the team will discuss options with our venue partners for inside accommodations, but these cannot be guaranteed unless you are a Sponsor.

How many people can I bring to help with my booth?

As a regular vendor, you will receive TWO (2) tickets for yourself and someone else to assist you. All other bodies must pay for a ticket.

What is the City of Bethlehem Licensing Fee?

The City of Bethlehem requires all SELLING vendors to fill out and submit a Licensing Registration for doing business in Bethlehem. This form must be submitted along with a $25.00 registration fee to the address on the business form. This fee goes to the City of Bethlehem and is NOT regulated by ArtsQuest or TheGeekGrid Studios. Only vendors who will be SELLING products are required to submit this form. You may DOWNLOAD the form from https://b4f8523c-43f1-4207-82aa-1b070bdffaf6.usrfiles.com/ugd/b4f852_1fbb3d7aedc541529d8d1cca6719e4c7.pdf